Can you afford a Tesla?

I frequently hear that Tesla's are very expensive - I'll often mention that you can buy the base Model 3 for $35-$40k, to which I hear “ya, but I wouldn’t want THAT car, when I add all of the options, it will be a lot more expensive”. The base “Standard Range” Model 3 (SR) and “Standard

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How much range do you need?

When discussing electric cars, people are infatuated with range ... and range anxiety - so how much range do you need? My first electric car was the Nissan Leaf, with a rated EPA range of 73 miles (2012 model - current Leafs have far more range).  I quickly learned the many limits of having this

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America needs Tesla more than Tesla needs America

Wake up Americans, the best thing to happen to U.S. manufacturing and innovation in the past 50 years is being fought left and right within this country! Yes, I agree with fellow Tesla Bull Ross Gerber that Tesla has made multiple communications missteps over the past 90 days!  Yes, I think that Elon has made a

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Elon, Close Retail … Start Mobile Sales

I was among the people who were surprised by Tesla’s announcement to move all sales online and close many of your retail locations (keeping a small number of stores as galleries). While surprised with this announcement, I think there is a better solution for Tesla then Retail -  You can achieve the benefits of a

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Tesla Reliability: Consumer Reports, You’re Wrong!

In the span of a couple of weeks, Consumer Reports produced two seemingly contradictory articles: Tesla Model 3 rated as the most satisfying car (of any auto) by Consumer Reports ( Removing the Tesla Model 3 recommendation on Consumer Reports based on reliability results from their subscriber survey Consumer Reports is Wrong! (about the second

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Buying a used Electric Car (under $20k)

First - a special thank you to John and Anne for requesting this blog topic! Much of the insight on this topic will come from owning one of the first Nissan Leafs which I purchased in 2011 and sold it privately in 2018.  In addition, I took a test drive of a used Chevy Volt

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Concerned about buying an electric car?

When I tell people I own an electric car, the most common questions are: The range of the car Time to fully charge the battery There are a few others, but I will tackle theses items first … How long does it take to fully charge the battery First - electric cars are different from

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Why buy an electric car?

A typical reaction when a person learns I own an electric car is  “you must save a ton of money on gas”, well, yes, but the total gas savings may not as much as you think, and there are some really awesome benefits to owning an electric car you may not be thinking about. What are

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Why this blog (and a little about me)

Why this blog ... I love talking about my Tesla, and I’m not sure all my friends want to see yet another Facebook post on how awesome it is - so you can read about it here! I'm hoping others will enjoy learning from my experience of owning an electric car To help answer questions

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